miercuri, 20 septembrie 2017

Un pas in urma serafimilor (2017)

Highly Recommended.
Un film de vazut in cinema.
sa nu va sperie durata, merita !
"cronica" mea in Zile si Nopti de Bv de miine. Zice:
"Un pas in urma serafimilor e un pas inainte in filmul romanesc "

sâmbătă, 16 septembrie 2017

Harry Dean Stanton RIP

Paris, Texas, Alien, Repo Man, Christine, Escape from New York, Cool Hand Luke, Wild at Heart. Over 100 films. Country troubadour. Heavy smoker. Jack's buddy, Coppola's friend, David Lynch's man. He was 91. And  in the new Twin Peaks.  Goodbye Harry Dean...Image result for harry dean stanton
My Homage to HDS at  Cinemateca Patria in Brasov through October (all cult films on Tuesdays).
Harry Dean was made famous also by this song from 1989 by Debbie Harry: I Want That Man
                                          "I want to dance with Harry Dean
                                            Drive through Texas in a black limousine
                                           I want a piece of heaven 'fore I die"

marți, 5 septembrie 2017

Walter Becker RIP

just two weeks ago was listening to Steely Dan on the way to Smida...
"Do it again"
didn't hear the song in years...or not on my own choice.
Steely Dan is an aquired taste. I thought when i was young and snotty they were a metal band (steely ?). so, when i listened to their songs for the 1st time i was like "ouch". no.  in 1996 i was in Oslo and heard them on great speakers. i was blasted. "Do it Again"
 Rolling Stone has called them "the perfect musical antiheroes for the Seventies".
Steely Dan was founded in 1972 by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. They rocked, they ruled, they grooved.
Becker died on Sept. 3d. He was 67.
Image result for walter beckerLast nigt after the Nighlosers gig in Vama Veche the bass player played Steely Dan. Baby Don't lose my number, etc. Very mellow, very cool. Thought I should write a few lines about the man. 
RIP Walter Becker....
rememebrance in Rolling Stone...