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Martin Landau RIP

Start the day with Romero :(, continue with Martin Landau, then what ? Landau who was Rollin Hand in the original Mission:Impossible series (1966) won an Oscar 30 years later for his portayal of Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood, Tim Burton's biopic. Terric performance. But a cold and menacing one he did when he was very young in Hitchcock's masterpiece, North by Northwest. Landau died Saturday in Los Angeles. He was 89.

George A. Romero RIP

he was supposed to be Grossmann's main guest rhis year. He cancelled less than a month ago for health reasons. Sunday the 13th Grossmann was over. Sunday George A. Romero, the father of the Lving dead as we know it has passed away. He was 77.

joi, 13 iulie 2017

Ron Goossens low budget stunt msn

the most fun i've seen in a while, an offensive comedy from Netherlands ser in satirical movie world and introducong a far out character which is like Kenny Powers done by Will Ferrell combined with the essential loser character from Kaurismaki films. Directors Steffen & Flip take fun at their own New Kids series and the whole Dutch film industry and society. 

joi, 29 iunie 2017

Baby Driver -the soundtrack & Hocus Pocus

Step aside Quentin ! beware Guardians of the Galax-yyy ! Here comes BABY DRIVER, the mother-F of all soundtracks, 71 songs no less ! and th gretest excuse to play all of them in the film, as the biggest plotpoint ! Baby Driver it's actually an action musical, with incidental music instead of  moviescoring from the outside (though the film has his own composer, Steven Price)
The list of the released soundtrack as follows:

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – ‘Bellbottoms’
Bob & Earl – ‘Harlem Shuffle’
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – ‘Egyptian Reggae’
Googie Rene – ‘Smokey Joe’s La La’
The Beach Boys – ‘Let’s Go Away For Awhile’
Carla Thomas – ‘B-A-B-Y’
Kashmere Stage Band – ‘Kashmere’
Dave Brubeck – ‘Unsquare Dance’
The Damned – ‘Neat Neat Neat’
The Commodores – ‘Easy (Single Version)’
T. Rex – ‘Debora’
Beck – ‘Debra’
Incredible Bongo Band – ‘Bongolia’
The Detroit Emeralds – ‘Baby Let Me Take You (in My Arms)’
Alexis Korner – ‘Early In The Morning’
David McCallum – ‘The Edge’
Martha and the Vandellas – ‘Nowhere To Run’
The Button Down Brass – ‘Tequila’
Sam & Dave – ‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby’
Brenda Holloway – ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’
Blur – ‘Intermission’
Focus – ‘Hocus Pocus (Original Single Version)’
Golden Earring – ‘Radar Love (1973 Single Edit)’
Barry White – ‘Never, Never Gone Give Ya Up’
Young MC – ‘Know How’
Queen – ‘Brighton Rock’
Sky Ferreira – ‘Easy’
Simon & Garfunkel – ‘Baby Driver’
Kid Koala – ‘Was He Slow (Credit Roll Version)’
Danger Mouse (featuring Run The Jewels and Big Boi) – ‘Chase Me'   
My biggest surprise and fun was to knock myself off with Hocus Pocus by Dutch band Focus (from 1971's Moving Waves aka Focus II), one of my favourite songs (and one of the best of alltime) since back in 1982/3 when i heard it for the 1st time (also one of the Free Europe Metronom show anthem)-so a song that purely expresses Freedom for me, now for the second time in a film, after the Robocop remake in 2014.
-The story of the song is told here by Focus' Tjih Van Leer on the verge of the Nike World Cup commercial which put the song on a new map in 2010. And you can see the band in its greatness. Saw it live with Jan Akkerman four times, eversince back in 1995. Yep. When i got to interview him in Brasov in 2013, I told him that I always thought this song will make a great film sequence, and yes, I saw it now. A shoot-out Heat (M.Mann) style, edited on the music and a bullet ballet, emphatic and overdramatic. Kudos, Edgar Wright !
 *I still have my own shot with Iron Maiden's cover of the song :)
Here a mega-interview with Edgar Wright about his  influences & the songs in the film !!!
and here some more and specifically he talks about this one:
"I found out about Focus from this music show that ran in England for ages called The Old Grey Whistle Test – they did a performance of that song on there that blew my mind. I'm not a big prog rock fan, but I do love fast prog – the sheer musicianship you need to play that kind of stuff that fast is impressive. I think this was a Top 10 hit in the U.S. … which is pretty unusual for an instrumental track that features yodeling. The studio wanted to cut it. I had to use my own money to pay for two extra days of shooting so we could get it – and it's my favorite bit in the film. I always thought it'd be great if you made a car chase movie, and then have one of the most explosive scenes in the movie be a foot chase. People have asked how I picked the tracks for Baby Driver, and this is a good example. If you had a dance track or a rock track that had a similar tempo all the way through, it's actually not that helpful. Whereas the reason that something like "Hocus Pocus" ends up becoming a key track in the film is because you can hear that, Ok, this is part of a running scene – it's like your best cardio track ever. But it also has these stop-start intervals in it, so you can let a scene dictate itself according to the track: Ok, here are the fast guitars, he's running. Wait, there's yodeling breakdown here, so this is where he's hiding behind a tree, catching his breath. Wait a second, we're gearing up for another guitar part – so here's where he starts running again, and in the next breakdown, he's hiding in a mall. Hold on, there's an accordion breakdown – so now he's breaking into a car. You're able to take a 1970 song like that and write a complete action sequence in 2017." (Edgar Wright)
Go see Baby Driver on the big screen with the sound cranked at max !  It's a clasic !!!

duminică, 25 iunie 2017

Bad Batch, The (2016)

"All of us here, We weren't good enough, smart enough, young enough, gulpy enough, wealthy enough, SANE ENOUGH. Freaks. Parasites. This here is The Bad Batch. We ain't good. We're BAD."
The Dream

The Bad Batch is a UFO as i haven't seen in a long time. Mad Max by Jodorowski (El Topo, Santa Sangere) meets Burning Man fest in this futureal story of love and redemption by writer/director Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home at Night). A dream of survival in the desertic post-apocalyptic America.
Even shades of Lynch (The Dream character-an unbelievable Keanu Reeves, closer to the new Kyle MacLachan persona of Dale Cooper-Dougie : plus the Escobar's moustache), mixed with a weird sense of Southland Tales (Jason Momoa standing in for The Rock), cannibalism (more Hills have Eyes than Texas Chainsaw). Weird cameos -Jim Carrey !!!, Jim Carrey ? if you recognise him you'll get a prize, glorified cameos on LSD -Giovanni Ribisi, plus a very hot mangled young heroine -25 year old Londoner Suki Waterhouse -up and coming surely, here standing effortless as a BAD batch girl (those stamped as garbage/futile/punks/derelict, ex cons), WITHOUT AN ARM AND A LEG (again Mad Max: Fury Road's Furiosa). Also the pregnant brides and the little girl from Max II. Gorgeous widescreen cinematography by Lyle Vincent, who shot also Amirpour's A Girl Who Walks Home at Night.
The film took the Special Jury Prize at last year's Venice Film Festival and it's found a hard way to the theatrical distribution, as it's easy to see why. But its reputation will grow in the future, as a cult movie. Annapurna, Neon and Vice (the magazine) are co-producers.

Ultramusic (again Federale-the superb All the Colors of the Dark -a tribute to Tutti li colori del buio?), as in her previous film, Die Andwoort, Darkside -(Nicholas Jaar and guitarist, Dave Harrigton), Nicholas Jaar with his hit-Mi Mujer, White Lies), a rendition of karma Chameleon as an ironic juxtaposition on a gruesome scene...
<iframe src="" allowfullscreen width="854" height="400"></iframe>
A somehow feeling of Dust Devil and other cult curios stands into it. Would've loved to see it on the big screen....
an interview with Ana Liliy here. She says: "The Bad Batch is how I see America."

**** / 8 out of 10.

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John G. Avildsen RIP

zice Relu, ieri la tel:-"mi-a zis fii-miu de dimineata, s-a dus tata lui Rocky." da, si al lui The Karate Kid. si, nah la finale un Yojimbo cu JCVD !-Inferno...
John G. Avildsen-Oscar de regie pentru Rocky !
The Formula. great thriller -1980 cu George C. Scott, Marthe Keller si Brando.
Oscar pentru Jack Lemmon in Save the Tiger (1973).
breakthrough film: Joe (1970) cu Peter Boyle.
Avildsen avea 81 de ani. Fiul sau Anthony a facut un documentar despre el, John Avildsen: King of the Underdogs, care va avea premiera in august.
necrolog in Time aici
il omagiem la Cinemateca Patria luna viitoare.

"I owe just about everything to John Avildsen. His directing, his passion, his toughness and his heart — a great heart — is what made 'Rocky' the film it became. He changed my life and I will be forever indebted to him. Nobody could have done it better than my friend John Avildsen. I will miss him."
Sly Stallone 

vineri, 16 iunie 2017

Fargo season 3

" The problem is not that there is Evil in the world , the problem is that there is Good....because otherwise who would care ...?..." 
most villanous Varga in last night's Fargo

miercuri, 14 iunie 2017

Anita Pallenberg RIP

Anita Pallenberg, nascuta in Roma ocupata de nemti (25 ian.1944), model, actrita (Candy, Barbarella, Performance,Dillinger is Dead), muza Rolling Stones, mama (3 copii cu Keith Richards, din care unul a amurit la 10 saptamini).
A fost initial iubita lui Brian Jones, care a cunoscut-o la Munchen in 1965 pe cind facea modelling.

Apoi Keith i-a suflat-o in Maroc in 1967 si au ramas impreuna.

In timpul filmarilor la Performance (1970) se pare ca a avut o aventura cu Mick.

Marlon in bratele lui KeithMick J.

A stat cu Keith pina in 1979.
Keef with Jack -rightBowie -right

Anita Pallenberg a murit pe 13 iunie 2017. Avea 73 de ani.
                                                     Tough day for Keith, Marlon & Angela :(

luni, 12 iunie 2017

Alice Cooper-Paranoiac Personality- SOTD

The Coop's  new album PARANORMAL out on July 24th. produced by Bob Erzin (as he uses too, see new Deep Purple records as well).
6 years after Welcome 2 My Nightmare (2011) ! Alice is 69 and still highly Paranormal :)
1st official clip:
The album is featuring guests like ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover and also sees the highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members on a very special bonus CD. Consisting of two brand new studio songs written and recorded together with Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce, the bonus disc also includes 6 killer live versions of some of The Coop’s greatest hits, such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “Billion Dollar Babies” and “School’s Out”, recorded in Columbus, Ohio in 2016 and performed together with Cooper’s current band.

1. Paranormal
2. Dead Flies
3. Fireball
4. Paranoiac Personality

5. Fallen In Love
6. Dynamite Road
7. Private Public Breakdown
8. Holy Water
9. Rats
10. The Sound Of A

Bonus CD
Studio recordings with the Original Alice Cooper Band

1. Genuine American Girl
2. You And All Of Your Friends

Live in Columbus with the current Alice Cooper band
3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. Under My Wheels
5. Billion Dollar Babies
6. Feed My Frankenstein
7. Only Woman Bleed
8. School’s Out

duminică, 11 iunie 2017

Adam West RIP

Mr. Adam West,  Batman in the series and the 1960 camp film is gone too :(
He was 68.

Found out via Alice Cooper on twitter;
So sad to hear of the passing of the one TRUE ! He was a true American icon and a lovely man.

sâmbătă, 3 iunie 2017

Top filme Cannes 70 pour ALD

Top trei filme ALD pe 2017 la Cannes, din selecţia oficială. 

                                                    2. Good Time
 şi...3. Okja –hai să exclud și eu deși mă bucur că l-am văzut pe ecran mare (pe 28 iunie intră pe canalul lor), 
so, 3b.     Killing of a Sacred Deer,

Wind River în UCR -premiul de regie pentru Taylor Sheridan

și documentarul din Quinzaine, Nothingwood.

un interviu cu Alexander Nanau, DOP-ul filmului, si grupajul meu de Cannes, 70 de ani in 70 de momente, in revista CINEMAP vara 2017. 

vineri, 2 iunie 2017

Is This the Life We Really Want?


Is This the Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters' 1st opus in 25 years. 73 and angry ? more like disappointed...
Picture That :)
                                                      Immerse in Waters' darkness and satire:
'"If I had been God
I would have rearranged the veins in the face to make them more resistant to alcohol and less prone to aging"

                                                A Short by Roger Waters and Sean Evans

luni, 29 mai 2017

Gregg Allman RIP

                                                                  I'll BE HOLDING ON.
                                             the original video from Black Rain (1989)
si intro-ul din film aici 
Gregg Allman died on May 27th. He was 69. He survived his brother Duane for another 46 years. Duane died at 24 ! in 1971 in motorcycle crash. Greg will be buried next to his brother.

sâmbătă, 27 mai 2017

Cannes 70: les soundtracks

citeva note muzicale interesante...
\articol aici 
op sa vreau sa scriu despre muzica din filmele de anul asta, de la Phoenix la The Beguiled, la Alexandre Desplat (le Polanski) la sound designul de la The Killing of a Sacred Deer, la Johnny Greenwood la Lynne Ramsay, la excelentul Good Time, de  compozitorul experimenatal Oneohtrix Point Nevercare a fost deja recompensat cu Cannes Soundtrack Award  Nu am vazut ica 120 BPM unde electroul trebe sa fie maxim !

Carnivalul animalelor -1886 Saint- Saens, tema Festivalului din 1987 via Days of |Heaven -Morricone si Malick

vineri, 26 mai 2017

Cannes 70: Good Time

real Good TIME :, film independent american care aduce a anii 70, Cassavetes , Mean Streets, cu o muzica ultra cool de compozitorul experimental Oneohtrix Point Never., care a luat si premiul Cannes Soundtrack de anul acesta (anul trecut Neon Demon). 
Robert Pattison e excelent in rolul unui delicvent cu un frate autist.
sper sa ia ceva. cel mai inedit regizat (fratii Benny si Josha Safdie) si tempo in afara de Lynne Ramsay, dar nu am vazut 120 BPM.

miercuri, 24 mai 2017

Cannes 70: Nothingwood

Revelatia de azi de la Cannes a fost insa NOTHINGWOOD in Quinzaine, documentar despre actorul superstar afgan Salim SHAHEEN, filmat in muntii diun Afganistan de catre al nostru Alexander Nanau ! Emotionat, inspirational, energetic, vitalist !
review in hollywood reporter 

je reviens

Cannes 70: The Beguiled

Sofia Coppola face remake sau re-ecranizare la THE BEGUILED, dupa romanul southern gotic din 1966 al lui Thomas P. Cullinandar mie filmele mi se par foarte similare si imi pare rau, dar Colin Farrell o fi bun in Killing of The Scared Deer dar sa vezi doua zile la rind filme cu Farrell si Nicole Kidman mi se pare aiurea...
Beguiled ul nou arata extraordinar, e filmat superb de Phillipe Le Sourd, si are set design perfect -prea shiny costumele ca doar nu e bal la Versailles, si muzica de trupa franceza Phoenix (le mari de Sofia), bazata pe Monteverdi.

voila, o fotografie elocvenata din filmul din 1971, Clint in bratele Geraldinei Page, o ipostaza de Christ sacrificat. Oricit o fi ea de Sofia de Coppola, Don Siegel e DON SIEGEL si subiectul atunci era indraznet iar pentru Clint un contraemploi si e un rol extraordinar...

voila si pe Farrell azi, spicuit si barbierit, ca din Mindrie si prejudecata (a mea ?)
deci, mon opinion-vedeti originalul !!!

marți, 23 mai 2017

Cannes 70: The Killing of a Sacred Deer

noul film al lui Yorgos Lathimos,  The Killing of a Sacred Deer  e o drama greaca clasica cu tonuri de film horror, mai ales prin sound design si muzica -care aduce a  The Shining. Colin Farrell -dupa Lobster revine in rolul unui chirurg pe inima, familist cu barba deasa. Nicole Kidman e forte intr-unul din rolurile ei risque -Dogville, Birth, Paper Boy, Eyes White Shut (Kubrick clue). Revelatia este insa un pusti irish pe nume Barry Keoghan, care e mai scary ca fetitele din Exorcistul si Poltergeist combinate. Cit gemenele di  Shining (again).  Alicia Silverstone de nerecunoscut intr-un rol secundar de o scena !
Tematica lui Lantimos e aceiasi din Dogtooth, mai aproape de Tkosd decit Lobster.  Alegoria se refera la cerbul sacru al lui Artemis pe care regele Agamemnon l-a ucis si apoi a fost obligat sa isi sacrifice pentru asta prprua fiica, Ifigenia. subiect de tragedie greaca clasica si piese de teatru, acum adaptata intr-un film dur ca un cosmar lugubru.
2001 -a Deer Odyssey ?

Roger Moore RIP

Sir Roger Moore is no more 
avea 89 de ani.
azi cind se aniverseaza 70 de ani de Cannes.
am gasit o poza cu el si Barbara Bach in fata la Carlton, in 1977 la Cannes, acum 40 de ani !
The Spy Who Loved Me promotion.

unul din eroii mei favoriti din copilarie, Sfintul, lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders si James Bond din 1973 -Live and Let Die. pina in 1985 -A View to a Kill -007 filme !
iata-l in Wild Geese -1978, alaturi de prietenii sai hellraisers cu care acum sa intilnit la un drink in barul de sus, Richard Burton si Richard Harris.

Cannes 70: Photo historique

journee historique au Cannes 70 .also veery hot...

Azi se aniverseaza cei 70 de ani de Festival !!!
113 personalitati filmice au facut azi la midi o poza istorica, Doar 6 fotografi au fost admisi la photocall.  Pe primul rind sunt laureatii de Palme d’or-printre care si le notre Cristian Mungiu -in 2007 
Photo de famille.
 Les Palmes Laurent CANTET (Palme d’or 2008), Cristian MUNGIU (Palme d’or 2007), Jerry SCHATZBERG (Palme d’or 1973), Claude LELOUCH (Palme d’or 1966), Michael HANEKE (Palme d’or 2009 - 2012), Jane CAMPION (Palme d’or 1993), Ken LOACH (Palme d’or 2006 - 2016), Nanni MORETTI (Palme d’or 2001), Costa GAVRAS (Palme d’or 1993), Bille AUGUST (Palme d’or 1988 - 1992), Mohammed LAKDAR-HAMINA (Palme d’or 1975) Agnès VARDA (Palme d’Honneur 2015), Jean-Pierre LEAUD (Palme d’Honneur 2016)  Presedinti si membri de Jurii Andrea ARNOLD (Jury 2012), Claudia CARDINALE (Jury 1993), Georges MILLER (Président en 2016), Liv ULLMANN (Présidente en 2001), Catherine DENEUVE (Présidente en 1994), Isabelle HUPPERT (Présidente en 2009), Nicole KIDMAN (Jury 2013)  Juriul 2017Pedro ALMODÓVAR (Président), Maren ADEJessica CHASTAINFAN BingbingAgnès JAOUI, PARK Chan-wook, Will SMITHPaolo SORRENTINO, Gabriel YAREDUma THURMAN (Présidente du Jury Un Certain Regard), Mohamed DIAB (Jury Un Certain Regard), Reda KATEB (Jury Un Certain Regard), Joachim LAFOSSE (Jury Un Certain Regard) Premiile de interpretareVincent LINDON (Prix d'interprétation 2015), Kirsten DUNST (Prix d'interprétation 2011), Elodie BOUCHEZ (Prix d'interprétation 1998), Emilie DEQUENNE (Prix d'interprétation 1999), Mads MIKKELSEN (Prix d’Interprétation 2008 - Jury 2010), Emmanuelle BERCOT (Prix d'interprétation 2015), Christoph WALTZ (Prix d’interprétation 2009), Bérénice BEJO (Prix d'interprétation 2013), Juliette BINOCHE (Prix d’interprétation 2010), Benicio DEL TORO (Prix d’Interprétation 2008 - Jury 2010), Séverine CANEELE (Prix d'interprétation 1999)  Invitatii  Oliver STONEDiane KRUGER (Maîtresse des cérémonies en 2007), Monica BELLUCCI (Maîtresse des cérémonies en 2002 et 2017), Lambert WILSON (Maître des cérémonies en 2014 et 2015), Sandrine BONNAIRE (Présidente Œil d’Or 2017), Nastassja KINSKIGaspar NOE, Abel FERRARA, Salma HAYEK, Sofia COPPOLA, Mathieu KASSOVITZ, Charlize THERON, MAÏWENN, Alfonso CUARON, Guillermo DEL TORODario ARGENTOAlejandro G.INARRITUElle FANNINGAgustin ALMODOVARLaetitia CASTA, Cécile DE FRANCE, Colin FARRELL, Emmanuelle BEART, Valérie DONZELLI, Marion COTILLARD, Nicolas WINDING REFNEmmanuelle DEVOS, Naomi KAWASE, Abderrahmane SISSAKO, Jacques DOILLON, Laura MORANTE (Maîtresse des cérémonies en 2004), Fatih AKIN, André DUSSOLLIER, Tilda SWINTON, Adrian BRODY, Nicole GARCIA, Jean-Pierre JEUNETMarthe KELLER, Michel HAZANAVICIUS, Kristin SCOTT-THOMAS (Maîtresse des cérémonies en 2010), SHU-QIDiego LUNA, Paul LAVERTY, Yorgos LANTHIMOS, Tonie MARSHALL, Elie SULEIMAN, Jerzy SKOLIMOWSKI, Valeria GOLINO, Gael GARCIA BERNAL, Ludivine SAGNIER, Matteo GARRONE, Céline SALLETTE, Antonio BANDERAS, Edouard BAER (Maître des cérémonies en 2008 et 2009), Ariane LABED, Amos GITAIVirginie LEDOYEN (Maîtresse des cérémonies en 2002), Ferid BOUGHEDIRSergio CASTELLITO, JIA Zhang-ke, Alain CAVALIER, Benoit JACQUOT, Raoul PECKBONG Joon-ho, Barbet SCHROEDER, Jean-Paul GAULTIER, Michèle RAY-GAVRAS, Brillante MENDOZA.
video ici -

apoi s-au dus la masa in Agora si mii de curiosi au stat sa le faca poza de aproape cind ieseau.
azi la 7 e supriza, un spectacol aniversar in sala Lumiere. Covorul rosu a inceput la 5, e o nebunie, mai ales dupa atentatul de ieri...meanwhile Sir Roger Moore is no more -(

pentru cei ce vor sa vada evenimentele live iata cannestv canal youtube. enjoy !

luni, 22 mai 2017

Cannes 70: Happy End

le Haneke
dupa ce am vazut Amour in aceiasi sala , azi nebunie la noul Haneke in competitie, HAPPY END,
(titlu ironic biensur) asa ca au SUPLIMENTAT CU UN SPECTACOL LA SOIXTIEME. am fost, am stat ca pe ace primele 45 de min, (filmul are 1 h 47) si apoi m-am regalat cu un soi de cocktail vitriloant acid sarcastic, care mi-a amintit mult de Chabrol, Familia burgheza de grand couture franceza, cu rapel la Amour, Trintignant isi reia rolul, la fel si Isabelle Huppert. Jean Louis Trintignant are 86 de ani, wow ! arata superb in film, un domn batrin, mult prea elegant pentru lumea de azi. Fetita din film e superba, Fantine |Harduin se cheama. Plus Kassovitz, Toby Jones si un soi de cross de Vincent Gallo si Joaquim Phoenix galez (sic): Franz Rogowski (Boxer in Victoria), fiul ratacitor...
Unul din cele mai slab primite critic filme de competitie. Deja vu all over again se va zice. A treia Palme d'Or pentru Hanke, acum la 75 de ani ? Nu cred ca va fi favorizat de juriul lui Almodovar, dar on sait jamais...
Loveless conduce detasat, dar pas vu, a fost in prima azi. Pe Lahtimos il vad miine. Le Redoutable, despre Godard dar comedie a l'italliene- ratatouille.
cronica din Variety aici 

vineri, 19 mai 2017

Cannes 70; Okja

am ajuns din nou la Cannes si azi am apucat sa vad 2 filme 
am avut nororc cu OKJA pt ca toata lumea vrea sa il vada, ocazie unica pe marele ecran pt ca filmul va fi pe netflix pe 28 iunie. Pacat, findca merita vazut in cinema, e o minune de film. Bong Joon Ho s-a intrecut pe sine si a avut si mijloace la dispozitie sa faca un film ultra excentric, un cross de 12 monkeys cu Babe, si chiar ET facut a la Leos Carax. 
Uitati de Babe, este vremea sa va emotionati pentru Okja. Iti vine sa te transformi in vegetearian, desi stim ca suntem the meat eating nations.
filmat merveilleux in digital de Darius Kondji, articol despre asta in indiewire
-premiera de la Lumiere dim la 8.30 a avut probleme tehnice dar filmul a fost primit cu ovatii -4 minute aplauze, not shady..
The film has become a symbol of the streaming giant's disruption of the traditional film business and caused much debate. Netflix plans to release Okja online-only in most markets, leading to criticism from this year's Cannes jury president Pedro Almodovar.
The Spanish director in the jury press conference earlier this week had said that he didn't think the Palme d'Or should be given “to a film that is then not seen on the big screen.”
(I agrre but the film is superb)
Last week, the Cannes festival introduced a new rule, taking effect next year, that only films with theatrical distribution in France can be accepted in competition.
Netflix's other competition title is Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories.
deci controversa cu netflix si amazon posibil sa se termine aici, si acestea sa fie singurele filme ale megacompaniilor care sa mai ajunga la un acest tip de festival. 
more here 
Tilda Swinton e minunata, e a doua oara cind lucreaza cu Bong, dupa Snowpiercer. Ea este Lucy Mirando (si soar ei geamana Nancy), o afacerista horatita sa revolutioneze industria GMO, cu rezulatae cele putin scary !

despre film am sa povestesc mai pe larg in revista Cineamp de vara.  proiectia de presa de dimineata a fost primul scandal al festivalului, la Lumiere s-a proiecat formatul gresit, s-a huiduit copios, s-a oprit si repornit. dar e nimic fata de alerta cu bomba de la Cannes ;)

joi, 18 mai 2017

Chris Cornell RIP

Chris Cornell gone,. the man from Soundgarden, Audioslave. Great voice, great musician.
Avea 52 de ani. In Detroit unde era in turneu. Om vedea de ce. Pina atunci you know the name...
imi aduc aminte de ca de fiecare data cind e Cannes-ul moare cite un muzician important, nu ca ar avea vreo legatura. de data asta am aflat de Cornell de dimineata, in Bucuresti.
articol in The Guardian aici
update despre moarte pe pollstar

"life is gone with just a spin of the wheel"

luni, 15 mai 2017

Powers Boothe RIP

Bill Paxton, Michael Parks, now Powers Boothe -2017 it's getting a sad list for heavyweights, grand actors of cult films for the 70's generation. Boothe was an excellent actor, texan and he would've been 69 on June 1st. It's reported he died in his sleep. He was playing heavyweights in Walter Hil''s films (Extreme Prejudice)  up to senators in Sin City . Villain in Sudden Death (the biggest Van Damme vehicle next to Time Cop).
Brillinat as the lead in SOUTHERN COMFORT (1981), still one of the best films unknown to audiences, great in Red Dawn, A Breed Apart, the father in Emerald Forest, Tombstone,  U Turn, Nixon !
I saw him face to face at the Kevin Costner & Modern West concert in Bucharest, when they were filming here The Hatfields and McCoys.

His 1st major role was as Rev. Jim Jones in the TV movie  Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980 TV Movie). Director: William A. Graham 
More TV in Philip Marlowe: Private Eye (1983-1986), up to 24, Nashville, Deadwood, and last in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (via Avengers).
Saw this winter again on dvd Southern Comfort to celebrate Walter Hill's 70the Birthday. Then Bill Paxton died and I re-saw Frailty (2001) which he directed and Boothe is the FBI agent McConaughey tells his mad yarn. Then just last week when Rambo was on TV I was looking at Richard Creena's colonel Trautman and remembered Boothe's parodic take on the role in McGruber  as colonel Faith !
Variety article here !

duminică, 14 mai 2017

Deep Purple setlist Romexpo 13.05.2017

primul concert din turneul INFINITE

Deep Purple  at Romexpo, Bucharest, Romania 
Tour: The Long Goodbye
13 mai 2017 -1st gig of the tour


Time for Bedlam  (Infinite-2013)
Johnny’s Band (Infinite)
The Surprising (Infinite)
Birds of Prey (Infinite)
Hell to Pay (Now What ?-2013)
Uncommon Man ((Now What ?-2013)
Perfect Strangers (PF-1984)
Highway Star
Space Truckin'
Hush (Joe South cover)
Black Night

vineri, 12 mai 2017

De ce trebuie sa ii vezi miine pe Deep Purple ?

read this

Lars Ulrich's induction -FINALLY -in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016
Induction speech -Gillan, Glover, Paice, sotia lui Jon Lord, Coverdale si Glenn Hughes (Blackmore awol :(

si performance-ul trupei

puteti citi ce am scris despre Deep Purple, concertul nou si ultimul lor album INFINITE  in noul numar din revista SUNETE, coming soon, sfirsit de mai !
PINA ATUNCI THO, veniti miine seara la concert ! i guess it's the last time you're gonna see them !
It can make a grown man cry" / yes, aslo a blind one/ we still Childing in time....